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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trout fishing Part 3

Our second day started off with a quick breakfast, and a little chatting. After we ate we loaded up the truck. We asked the owner of the Thomsonite Beach Inn. & Suites, (the cabin the three of us stayed in) if she knew of any good spots to go trout fishing. Lee pointed us to a spot she had seen others fish quite often.

Our first stop that morning was the ranger station in Grand Maris. We wanted to get some good maps for four wheeler trails and of trout streams. The folks at the ranger station were very helpful and they had more maps than I think I have ever seen in one place.

We decided to leave the four wheelers this morning because we were going to do a quick stop and only fish for a couple of hours. We did stop where Lee had said she saw people fishing. We all felt like it may have been over fished, especially because of how easy it was to find and get too.
We opted to keep driving and look for a different spot.

I had one of our many maps and navigated the way. We found a couple of small creeks and tried to fish at one of them with not much luck at all. Then after driving for a short while after the last creek, Gary decides to drive down a 4x4 trail. What a great decision Gary made driving down that little path.

The small 4x4 path

We drove a ways down the path and decided to hop out of the truck and walk because the trail was getting smaller and smaller. We didn’t have to walk very far to find a sweet fishing spot. The three of us scouted around looking for good places to fish from shore. There were plenty of them all around.
This is what we saw when we walked up to the river

The up stream side to the first pool we saw

We got gear and started to fish. It wasn’t long before we started catching fish they were nothing to brag about, but our luck would start to change. Gary caught a very nice brook trout, and then we decided to keep working our way up the river.

It was a ton of work to keep walking along the shore of the Cascade River, thick trees, tall grass, and big holes you couldn’t see. After a while we gave in, and just started walking in the river in our shoes. That is when we started to catch a lot of trout. We would walk cast a few times then walk further up stream and cast in another promising spot.
walking up stream
after the fog rolled in it was eerily quiet

Shortly after we started fishing this way I caught my first keeper. I was so pumped and ready to catch more. I kept working my way up stream until I finely got to a spot where the cascade and a different creek merged together. Every cast I would catch a fish for about six casts I had one big one on but I lost it just as I pulled it out of the water. Instantly after that the spot was dead.

I headed back to get George or Gary, so we try and catch more fish in that spot. George was close to me and I told him to follow me to this sweet spot. He did and we both started casting in the hole I found. I thought it looked nice on the other side, so I waded through almost waste deep water so we could both fish the same spot from different sides.

Shortly after I got to the other side George had a big fish on his line. He got it just out of the water when it flew back in. This could have been the biggest fish on our trip. The bite seemed to die down a bit after that, but we both kept fishing. Here and there we would catch a fish nothing huge. Then I caught a nice size keeper. Number two for the trip and the river.

After walking up stream a bit more the hunger bug finally got the best of us, and we headed back to the truck. Gary had caught one more keeper while George and I were up stream. We ate lunch and headed back to the cabin to get the four wheelers.

Fish tally so far 6 keepers, we have enough for a meal tonight.

Ben G.

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troutrageous1 said...

Saw you came over to my blog and thought I'd return the favor. Really enjoyed reading your multi-part trout fishing posts. I love to fish (not much of a hunter), and I'm going to add you to my blogroll.

Tony said...

Wow, what a spot! Looks like a great place to throw a line in and some really cool weather conditions.

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