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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ben G.'s Review of the St. Cloud Sportsmen Show

Today I went to The St. Cloud, MN Sportsmen Show. I hadn't been to this show since I was quite young. It was a lot of fun, I met my brother-in-law Gary and three nephews and we went around the whole event.

At first I was a little disappointed because it seemed so small, but there was a lot of good hunting information for me to learn. I enjoyed looking at the trailer of shame from TIP. I can't believe some of the stories these poachers come up with. Like the two bear cubs that the poacher said he thought they were both yearlings. When even my 10 year old nephew Isaak even said those cubs must have been just born not long before they were shot.

The trout pond was also a nice attraction they even let you keep the fish. Seven minutes to fish with a two fish limit. Although I didn't partake in the fun Nathan and Sam two of my nephews did Nathan caught one and they even put it in a cooler so he could come back and get it after we went through the rest of the show.

I saw some sort of cool fish cleaning board that held the fish in place and didn't make a mess as you were cutting up your fish.

I also saw this really cool little gadget that allowed you to attach your video camera to your Shot gun, rifle scope or bow. So now you can record your own deer hunt no need for a film crew. Sweet!! Right you just better hope you have a remote for you camcorder otherwise you take the risk of missing your shot by turning your camera on.

They had five black bears there I never knew bears like to eat oranges, green peppers, and carrots, but you learn something new every day.

I also got some information on a great Game Farm in Avon, MN. It sounds like a good place to take my little Pup Daffy out to learn a bit more about hunting.

There was a hole other side to the show it was full of boats, docks, fish houses, campers, and even an air plane. I did see one strange, but probably not very new tool to clear your beach of weeds. I thought it was pretty darn neat.

Some of the campers at the show were bigger then my first apartment. Not to mention way nicer. It's crazy to think that someone tows these giant things behind their truck. I got kind of an extra run down of the campers because one of my other Brother-in-laws Nick works for Elk River RV. They were the only RV delear at the show.

There was lots of other good stuff too just about something for everyone who enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and the outdoors.

That's it for now check back later.

Thanks Ben G.


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