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Monday, February 16, 2009

Five Reasons Why Brittany's are the Best all around Gun Dogs

Hello again everyone!
Ok so now I have to write a bit about my Dog Daffodil (aka Daffy) and her breed Brittany's. Why you ask do I think Brittany's are the best all around Hunting/Gun Dog.

Number one the Brittany breed has more dual champions then any other breed. Dual champion meaning being a champion in the field and the next day after a bath and brush being a champion in the show ring. What else could you ask for a smart dog that cleans up good.

Number two they are one of the most friendly dogs I have ever come across. They are very happy to meet new people and dogs all the time. I guess I would describe them as the social butterfly of the gun dogs. For instance my pup Daffy just loves to meet new people when I take her out for a walk at our local county park or around the neighborhood. She is always walks up to strangers with her butt wagging and a friendly look on her face that says pet me please I want to be your friend.

Number three they are one of the easiest dogs to train in my opinion because the are just so darn smart. About a month ago my wife Amber was watching one of those dog training shows on TV and saw them teaching this dog to leave things alone like a treat for instance. So Amber decided she wanted to teach Daffy how to do this. I kid you not it only took my wife three tries and Daffy would leave the treat on her foot alone. I could go on and on about how smart my Brit is we just love it.

Number four They are small what else can you ask for if you want a dual purpose dog in the house. Ok so I can take her out in the woods with me come home bathe her and then she is the perfect little lap dog for Amber. (and me too!)

Number five They are great with small children. I was told to watch Brittany's with small children. Which is true when you are playing with them, but wow I am amazed at how well Daffy is with our four and a half month old son Wyatt. She loves our little guy so darn much. Daffy lets Wyatt do things to her that I can't even do to her with our getting a reaction. I can hold Wyatt above her when I am petting her and he will grab Daffy with his Sharp little finger nails and squeeze at most Daffy will just walk away but most of the time she just takes it. Then she will turn around and lick Wyatt in the face.

Well if this doesn't turn you toward Brittany's I don't know what will.

I'll be back soon.

Ben G.


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