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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long Walks

My Son Wyatt Ryan and Pup Daffodil
One of my favorite pass times other then hunting, and spending time with my wife and son is going on long walks with my dog Daffodil (aka Daffy). Weather it’s a brisk winter morning or a warm summer afternoon I always enjoy just being out in the woods.

Fortunately for me we live only about a half mile from Montissippi a rather large county park. It has very nice paved and unpaved walking/bike paths. They all twist and turn about in a large pine forest and along side the Mississippi river.

Sometimes it’s nice to just go wander through the woods and see what animals Daffy can find. Rabbits, Pheasants, and Deer are the most common animals we run across. When we do run across an animal Daffy usually freezes, straightens up her stubby tail and lifts up one of her front legs like a good Brittany should. Then we both wait to see what the animal will do. I usually make a move first and the Deer or other animals run.

Other days it’s nice to stay on the paved trails so Daffy can meet other dogs and people. I don’t know what it is with her and kids, but she just goes crazy for them. Daffy just loves to meet everyone.
Another cool thing to see when we walk the paved trails is the model air planes flying around. It just so happens there is model air plane field (airport) right next to the park.

Daffy loves it on a hot summer day when I take her down to the river and let her cool off and get a drink. For some reason I always seem to get just as soaked as she does. I can’t figure that one out.

These walks are great for clearing my head of the every day rigmarole and getting back to nature. They are also great exercise for Daffy and my self.

If you get a chance take a walk in your local county park you might find you enjoy it more then you think.

Back soon

Ben G.


Pistolmom said...

Check out: (

From Idaho

Deer Passion said...

I love the name Daffy! :) That is too cute! I started taking long walks for exercise and now it's like my daily medicine.. I have to have it! It doesn't hurt either that my dogs are always excited to go!

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture. I don't have a dog at present, but they are great walking companions. My family always had Labs when I was growing up, and my Dad still has one now. They're always up for a walk.

Also, how cute is that picture of Wyatt and Daffy? Adorable!

gary said...

Ben, It looks like we are a gereration apart but it seems we traded places. I was raised in northern minnesota(Bagley) and now live in Idaho. I still make it back there now and then as I have a lot of relation there. The hunting camp next to ours in december deer hunt was a bunch from Sandpoint. Looks like you have a future hunter coming up there.

Mel said...

Ben you have a lot to be proud of there in that photo. That's a picture you need to save and pull it out someday after your son has grown up some and share it with him. Quality time in the outdoors is fantastic, wherever and whenever, you can find it. Keep up the routine!

Mntmaniac said...


I noticed you'll be following my Blog, thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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