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Friday, February 27, 2009

My 870

I know many people have a favorite gun and I do too. Here are seven reasons why I like my 870 Super Mag so much. I also enjoy buying surplus ammo.

1) It is the first gun I ever owned.

2) It is very versatile- I use it for Deer hunting, upland bird hunting, the one time I went goose hunting, and at the end of April Turkey hunting for the first time.

3) Durability- I’ve put this gun through just about anything you can imagine and never had a problem with it. Not to mention I have two uncles that have had 870’s for 35 years plus and they look and work just like the day they took them out of the box.

4) My 870 is very reliable- I can only think of one time I had it jam and not fire, but it wasn’t the guns fault, I had a new sling and it got in the way of the pump.

5) Value- In my opinion you can’t find a better gun for the money.

6) I have yet to find someone with something bad to say about an 870.

7) I think my 870 Super Mag looks Cool!

I’d love to hear about your favorite gun.

Ben G.


Anonymous said...

That is a sweet looking gun Ben. I would show it off also. My first gun was a Maverick 88 12 gauge made by Mossberg and I still have today.

Mike Childress said...

Hiya Ben! I think that's a great pick for a favorite gun. I think my favorite shotgun would be an old Winchester Model 12 20 gauge trap that I inherited from my Uncle after he passed on. My uncle talked regularly about growing up in Chewelah, WA not only shooting trap with it but hunting pheasants, grouse, and ducks with this particular shotgun. I guess its the nostalgia of carrying on the tradition as much as the gun itself. I see you spent some time in Sandpoint, ID! I lived there for about 5 years before moving to Spokane. I still hunt Lightning creek and the Selkirk range when I get a chance for deer and elk. Beautiful area. Nice to see you on CamoSpace my friend.

wandering owl said...

I've had an 870 for over 15 years now. The poor thing has been dunked twice and rained and sleeted on countless times. Good, tough and reliable for sure.

gary said...

Nice looking shotgun. I've kicked myself too many times because I bought a 12ga. and 20ga in the ll00 mdl 25 years ago instead of the 870. I can't keep my 1100's clean enough in this dusty country and they are forever jamming up. You made the right choice.

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