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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Public Hunting Land: Hunting for Deer the Good and the Bad

If you have been following my blog you know by now that I hunt public land quite often. The following are a few examples the good and bad parts of hunting public land for deer.

The Good

1. If you can wait in your Tree Stand until around 10:30 or so lots of people are out walking around, and pushing deer all over.

2. Human scent is all around so the deer don’t know where to go. If you are scentless they will more then likely walk your way.

3. There are a lot of people to talk to. This is good because you can find out where they are seeing or not seeing deer. For instance last season it was really cold and windy the deer didn’t want to move. We found out that lots of guys were having luck walking around and kicking deer up. Not on drives, but just walking in the woods.

4. You can sleep in your own bed at night; if you find public hunting land close enough.

The Bad

1. Lots of hunters around and you don’t know them or how safe they are. You have to make sure you have tons and tons of blaze orange on at all times.

2. Don’t leave your stand up in the tree even if it is chained to the tree. I forgot the key to my tree stand after opening weekend last year and had to leave my stand out in the tree. My brother went to go get it the next evening and someone had stolen it.

3. Some one can have the same tree in mind or one very close to the one you plan on sitting in. This has happened to just about every one in our party at least once. Hint: have two or more spots scoped out and ready for opening morning.

4. You can go home and have lots of things to do on the Honey Do list.

In my next post I will be reviewing the good and the bad of Upland bird hunting on public hunting land.

Ben G.

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Biazzio said...

True Ben I often hunt close by local public land, some good some bad. The bottom line is you can hunt!

Elk Hunting Net said...

Sorry to hear about your brothers tree stand was stolen. I hate to hear things like that.

Bio Bo said...

Also it's a good idea to stay away on opening weekend, or weekends in general. I've found that weekdays, especially after the 1st week, can be relatively unpressured...

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Good post, especially the advice to wear lots of orange. My husband was shot while bird hunting and the guy was only about 30 yards away. My husband had on orange, but it didn't protect him from human stupidity. I don't think they make a color for that!

Noah Van Hochman said...

Not only are some of these pointers good for deer but i have often hunted turkey by positioning myself in a spot that other hunters would push the birds right to me. of course with any game, you need to know where the animals want to get to as well. great article.

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