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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trout Fishing Part 2

After lunch we headed up the road a way to our next fishing destination. It was at the Ludsen Ski resort on the poplar river. I didn’t know what I was in for when they said that this river was a bit harder to fish than the cross River.

After we parked the truck we grabbed all of our gear and headed to the river. Once we got to a bridge we stopped and looked over the edge. I was thinking to myself “this can’t be the river we are fishing. How can we even get to it without killing ourselves on the rocks?”

This picture and the next give you an idea of the size of the rocks we were climbing

To my surprise Gary and George said lets go fishing and we were off the trail and through the trees to the first giant rock we had to climb down. I didn’t even see any places to fish on this river with the water moving so fast there was no way any fish would be here.

Once we got down the rocks to the fist pool the humidity seemed to jump up 100% on this already 80+ degree day. It was what I would imagine a rain forest to feel like. Already sweating like crazy I casted my spinner into the fast moving current thinking again to myself “no way I’ll ever catch any fish in this river.”

Rock climbing and fishing our way down the river it was about twenty minutes before anyone caught a fish. I was so surprised when George held up a trout he had caught I didn’t know weather to jump for joy or throw my line in. Not much after that Gary caught a nice keeper size trout. It was the fist keeper of the trip and it looked pretty tasty to me.
George right before he caught the first Trout

Gary fishing in one of the pools on the river

It was a while before I caught my fist trout on this crazy rock climbing adventure, but once I caught one I had it figured out. I never caught a keeper on this river, but it was still a blast. Gary ended up catching two keepers. George did have one, but after I pulled it off his line it flopped out of my hands and back into the river.

Looking down stream

After what seemed like only about an hour of fishing (actually almost four) we decided it was time to get back to the truck and eat some supper. I was beat and ready to get to the cabin, shower, eat and relax.
I forgot the walk back to the truck was going to be up hill the whole way. I remembered fairly quickly when we got out of the woods and on to the ski hill. I looked up the hill it looks a lot bigger from the bottom then when we drove past on the top. What a long and never ending walk it was. Soon enough we were back to the truck and on our way to the cabin.

We checked into the cabin showered, ate some chili, and watched a movie before we went to bed. The first day was a blast and I couldn’t wait for day two.

We only had two fish from day one of fishing. That just meant we were that much closer to a trout supper.
Gary's fish day one

Ben G.

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Anonymous said...

That looked like some rough terrain to navigate through.

Nice fish though.

The Fisherbabe said...

Climbing and standing over or on rocks while fishing can be

I almost fell while on my last trip cause I was hopping from rock to rock wresting a grayling. Rocks are slippery little suckers when they get wet!!!

Great tales :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, have enjoyed the posts of your trout fishing trip. It is amazing where you will find trout holding. Plus, only a dedicated trout fisherman or gal would ever go boulder bouncing to catch a fish anyway.

Ben G. said...

Rick - I was complety wiped out after walking that river.

Lizzy - I did slip a couple of times, but I caught myself before any major dammage was done.

Mel - I never thought of myself a dedicated trout fisherman, but I guess I'm in that class now.

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